Travelling Bali, visit holy spring water temple Tampaksiring

Tirta Empul is the name of a temple located in the village Tampak Siring and many tourists visited this temple for the holy water that gushes from a dozen showers. This temple has spring water that being used as holy water for various religious ceremony for Hindu people.

Tirta Empul built in 962 AD is a place for self-cleaning. This place is situated about 40 km, northeast from the city of Denpasar.

Pura Tirta Empul is composed of three parts, Jaba Pura (Home), Jaba Central (Central page), and Offal (page in). In the Middle Jaba there are two rectangular pool that has 30 pieces showers, lined up from east to west, facing south. Each shower was traditionally has its own name such Pengelukatan showers, Pebersihan, Sudamala, and Shower Cetik (Poison).

Balinese people flocked there for self cleaning or melukat including others from outside Bali and abroad. By doing the self cleaning from the spring water, all visitor want to experience sensational feeling and get the blessings at the same time. There are certain rules that visitors have to obey and comply if they want to do self cleaning or melukat. The rules and instructions are all written clearly at the entrance of the temple. Local staff will also be pleased to provide guidance if needed.

Holy water or well known in Balinese as Tirta, have 3 different purposes that very important for people's live. First is Tirta Gering for cleaning bad or evil spirits, second is Tirta Merta for prosperity and third is Tirta Sudhamala for purifying body and soul.

Travelling Bali, visit holy spring water temple Tampaksiring

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